A career from struck medals to anti-medals

· The approach to the medal as a medium has undergone a major change in the past one hundred years. Today, the medal designates a wide range of creations from the traditional struck coin through cast medals already displaying values of plasticity to pieces made with mixed techniques or assembled from a broadening spectrum of materials. Few are the artists - including László Szlávics jr. - whose career exemplifies this course of development within a mere two decades of work, with memorable creations marking every station of this path. Born in 1959, the artist says himself to be a medallist in the first place. Having finished the secondary school of fine and applied arts, he continued his studies in private under the guidance of his father, sculptor and goldsmith László Szlávics sr., and sculptor Agamemnon Makrisz.
· The fastidious care he inherited from his father, which is especially manifest in his treatment of materials and expertise in various techniques, already left its imprint on his juvenile efforts, e.g. on his embossed sheets. He learnt handling the sheet at home and soon attained the skills of seeing the forms in the negative. Makrisz corrected his works in the early 1980s, and it was he who called his attention to the medal. That was when he began engraving medals -

Viktória L. Kovásznai: A career from struck medals to anti-medals