A Wizard in Hungarian Medallic Art

· It is an obligation for László Szlávics jr. to produce this exhibition, since the organizers of the Sopron Medal Biennial follow the time-tested practice and expect the Grand Prize winner of the previous show to present his/her work in greater depth. (This expectation is at the same time a flattering offer.) Szlávics jr. wishes to comply by presenting a transparent cross-section of his oeuvre abounding in turns and new solutions in proof of his openness to innovation and restless mental constitution. Not that it means that he rhapsodically tries his hand at this and that. Quite contrarily, he carefully and persistently digs down to the root of any problem that captures his attention and goes on to seek a new challenge when he has exhausted the potentialities of the previous one.
· It would not be like him if he did not overbid the offer by putting on display some of his small sculptures as well in the town, in the Körmendi Gallery, in addition to his medals. Not only this complementary exhibition but also the fact that he goes into small sculpture as well is a surprise. Earlier his sole interest was the medal.

Antal Tóth: A Wizard in Hungarian Medallic Art - Exhibition of László Szlávics jr., winner of the Grand Prize of the 16th National Biennial of Medal Art